10. October 2014. – Real-Life Sonic the Hedgehog!


10.October 2014. – 21:41 CET: Hey. Everyone. I just found an Real-Life Sonic the Hedgehog in my yard and shown this photo on SEGA’s Official FB Page. LOOOOOLzies!



#Croatian #Indenpendence #Day #2014.

Hey. Everyone. May i have your attention please?

*Ahem. Today on 08. October 2014. We celebrate the Croatian Indenpendence Day, the day Croatia has gained Indenpendence from Yugoslavia since 23 years so please “Like” & “Share” for the people who sacreficed their lives to make Croatia indenpendent. Therefore, i #Salute everyone. Please give me an *Full credit for this post!

Sincerely yours: >#WannY<